Corporate Headshots

Polish your professional profile with our AI-generated corporate headshots. Designed for the modern corporate professionals in mind, these headshots are engineered to project competence, reliability, and approachability.
Our AI technology ensures you present a look that’s not only smart and sophisticated but also resonates with corporate culture and values. Stand out on professional networks, company websites, and business collateral with a professional and polished headshot that represents you well.

Corporate Headshot example
Corporate Headshot example
Corporate Headshot example
Corporate Headshot example
Corporate Headshot example
Corporate Headshot example

How to Create Corporate Headshots with AI

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AI starts working
AI will learn your personality from uploaded selfies and starts working on your corporate headshots
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Best Corporate Headshots Tips

1. Clothing

To achieve the desired effects from your corporate headshots, simplicity and minimalism are key when it comes to your clothing. However, there is a caveat: clothing choice depends on your field. A graphic designer's headshot will differ from that of finance professionals.

For conservative businesses, a suit and tie are always appropriate. For more relaxed professions such as tech and creative fields like art and design, casual clothing is suitable. Regardless of the attire, ensure it is comfortable to avoid appearing tense in the photos.

A rule of thumb, look at successful people in your field and emulate their style, as it has proven effectiveness.

Corporate Headshots clothing
Corporate Headshots background or backdrop

2. Background or Backdrop

Neutral colors like white and gray are ideal for certain industries such as law. However, the choice of background color also varies depending on your field; designers and artists may have different preferences. Bottom line is you want to refelct you personality, match industry standards, and make the background as muted as possible.

Similarly, the decision between in-studio and outdoor shots is subjective and depends on personal taste. Nevertheless, the rule - observing successful professionals - mentioned in the previous point applies here as well.

3. Pose

To achieve the ultimate goal of a corporate headshot - projecting competence, friendliness, and trust; keep your poses and facial expressions simple. A straightforward standing pose with a subtle smile will suffice, delivering the best results.

Corporate Headshots pose
Corporate Headshots lighting

4. Lighting

This complements the backdrop choice. For outdoor shots, natural lighting is sufficient, while in a studio setting, flat lighting enhances trust and competence as it is direct and straightforward.

Pay once - enjoy forever. No subscriptions.

One-time payment for 120+ professional headshots with different backgrounds, backdrops, clothes and styles.

  • Basic package previewBasic $29 Get Basic

    Basic package

    • 30 headshots
    • 16 credits
    • 90 minutes delivery
  • Standard package previewStandard $39 $55 -30% Get Standard

    More styles and some extras

    • 60 headshots
    • 8 professional styles
    • 48 credits
    • Email signature generator
    • 60 minutes delivery
  • Premium package previewPremium $69 Get Premium

    All styles and extras

    • 120 headshots
    • 16 professional styles
    • 126 credits
    • Email signature generator
    • 4K HD headshots
    • 45 minutes delivery
    • 1 free re-run

Professional Corporate Headshots for 10x Less
Than a Studio Photoshoot

AI photography requires several photos of you to generate corporate headshots. Collecting them is quite frustrating; moreover, most people don't have many good selfies. That's why we created the free AI Photobooth option — just follow the instructions to create selfies with your phone or upload them manually.
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Uploaded selfies example
AI Generated Headshots
AI Generated headshots example pic
AI Generated headshots example pic
AI Generated headshots example pic
Uploaded selfies example
AI Generated Headshots
AI Generated headshots example pic
AI Generated headshots example pic
AI Generated headshots example pic
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Frequently asked

How take corporate headshots with AI?
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We made the whole process as easy and streamlined possible. After the purchase, you will need to upload 8–10 selfies so AI can start working. You can create them right here on our website with our own AI Photobooth feature. No app downloads are needed; everything works in your browser. Alternatively, you can always just select and upload photos manually.
Why do you need so many selfies?
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The current state-of-the-art AI needs a handful of your photos to be able to generate professional headshots with your face for the best fidelity, quality, and precision. With this approach, you receive the most realistic headshots on the market from the comfort of your own home. Soon, only a single photo will be enough.
What are requirements for manually uploaded photos?
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AI needs high-quality head and shoulders profile photos of you — no blurry, retouched, or photos with other people. Photos with sunglasses, hats, headphones, or other objects covering your face will result in bad results.
How do you use my photos?
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We use them only to generate AI headshots. We will delete all your data immediately upon request; otherwise - your photos are deleted automatically after 7 days. AI models are deleted automatically after 30 days. We have these timings only to be able to create new, re-generate, or otherwise fix your results through support requests.
Is it safe to process my photos with AI?
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We don't sell, re-sell, train our AI, or otherwise use your photos in any way that is not related to providing an AI Hedshots service to you. The SnapHeadshots company is based in Europe and complies with the local personal data regulations. Your photos are stored in an encrypted environement, separate from your account and without your personal data.
Do you have specific solution for larger teams?
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We have streamlined our processes as much as possible, so anyone can create perfect headshots easily. However, we still need to adapt this process for HR and managers alike, so you can just send several shortlinks to your 10, 100, or even 1000 employees, and they can complete the process fast and easily. Stay tuned for updates; they are coming very soon.