Print Size Calculator

This pixels-to-print size calculator will help you determine the print size of any image file at any pixel density or number of pixels per inch. This calculator also works the other way around if you need to know the image pixel dimensions when printing standard photo sizes.

What is PPI?

PPI is an acronym that refers to Pixel Per Inch. It measures the pixel density for each inch of an image. For online graphics, the standard value for PPI is 72.

What is print size

All of us have tried to print an image or document before and encountered undesired results, with the print being either too big or too small. Understanding print size helps in figuring out the actual dimensions of the printed picture before printing it.

PPI to Print Size Calculator

Suppose you have an image with known pixel dimensions (e.g., 720 x 1440) and a fixed value for PPI (e.g., 72). When you need to print this image, inappropriate values for the print size can lead to unsatisfactory results like blurry pictures or sub-detailed prints. The PPI to Print Size Calculator helps to determine the appropriate print size for images.

Print Size to PPI Calculator

Imagine you want to print a head-shot with certain physical dimensions (e.g., for a photography exhibit) and need to know the appropriate PPI values to produce high-quality professional prints. You know only the dimensions of the final print and the digital photo. The Print Size to PPI Calculator helps you find the best PPI for your dimensions, mitigating potential printing issues before they arise. Enjoy your print!


In conclusion, PPI, or Pixels Per Inch, is a measure of pixel density for images. Print size refers to the actual dimensions of a picture. This section explains the importance of converting between print size and PPI, including different use-cases where such conversion is necessary.